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The Synonym of - dispossession (noun)

Word Example of - dispossession

    Example Sentences for dispossession

    And he never felt so to the full his dispossession as in thinking of Robert.

    How dim was her own love-dream beside this torment of dispossession.

    Eviction, the dispossession of a person from the occupancy of lands or tenements.

    He stared at her; but the ray only illumined the bewilderment of his dispossession.

    At the moment of dispossession, some of them were miserably rent, and the blood gushed out both at the nose and mouth.

    The Spaniards had won a footing already too secure for dispossession.

    And in her dispossession she did not dare make manifest the severance that she saw.

    To the poor it is always an open door affording at least a temporary respite from dispossession and starvation.

    We even find in the Mirror that the villains ought to have the assise of novel disseisin as a remedy in case of dispossession.

    The dispossession of anger and worry does not cause indifference or encourage indolence.

Word Origin & History of - dispossession

    Word Origin & History

    dispossess late 15c., from O.Fr. despossesser "to dispossess," from des- "dis-" (see dis-) + possesser "possess" (see possess). Related: Dispossessed; dispossession.

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