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Word Example of - disquiet

    Example Sentences for disquiet

    Embarrassments too were not wanting to disquiet the opening days of the new reign.

    But those which cause my disquiet I am willing to have remote from your hearing.

    But that did not seem to disquiet or trouble either him or his men.

    “Do not disquiet yourself so much, my friend,” answered the little man.

    Yet it demanded him, as Rachel had demanded him, and towards it he turned in his days of disquiet, inanimate and bewildered.

    Reverting to the autumn of 1654, much had then occurred to disquiet the Army.

    At last he attributed his disquiet to his anxiety for the safety of Timothy.

    He looked at his own disquiet face and thought, 'I've been cheated!'

    Upon inquiry I found the lawyer was but just disbarred for some malpractice; and the discovery added excessively to my disquiet.

    You may irritate and disquiet with it; but it must be by means of a flower or a feather.

Word Origin & History of - disquiet

    Word Origin & History

    disquiet 1520s, from dis- + quiet. Related: Disquieted.

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