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Word Example of - disquieting

    Example Sentences for disquieting

    The first one had long ago been discarded, and the charge indicators of the other two were approaching zero at a disquieting rate.

    There is an hour or two, after the passengers have embarked, which is disquieting and fussy.

    Its aspect is disquieting at noonday; what must it be at midnight?

    Then there followed a disquieting thought—suppose there were other bears!

    However, all disquieting thoughts were forgotten as he reached the summit of the hill and saw his boyhood home.

    But there was more than these, disquieting as they were, to fill him with restlessness.

    It is disquieting, indeed, to find our acts so spied upon, and the most private known.

    They said nothing; they were merely taciturn; but their silence was disquieting.

    Eyes, long, dusky, and disquieting with their untroubled directness of gaze.

    Most disquieting reflection of all, was it not bad form to think about good form?

Word Origin & History of - disquieting

    Word Origin & History

    disquieting 1570s (adj.), from disquiet.

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