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Word Example of - disregard

    Example Sentences for disregard

    The disregard of these common decencies lays him open to the charges of cruelty, cynicism, hardness.

    It was 'Louette with the mandate from her mistress, a mandate he dared not disregard.

    She dared to disregard the wicked law, was arrested, bound over for trial, and sent to jail like a common malefactor.

    Such instances of disregard of orders occur in every campaign.

    That is the law of God, and the nature of things, whether men regard or disregard it.

    There are two extremes of the mind producing a disregard for life.

    It was evident that he understood the desires of his jailor, and equally plain that he had resolved to disregard them.

    Indigestion is not the only ill that nature inflicts for any disregard of her laws.

    The impulses are akin, and the crime of suicide lies rather in its disregard for the feelings of those whom we leave behind.

    The old man was determined to disregard the other's signs of suffering.

Word Origin & History of - disregard

    Word Origin & History

    disregard 1641, from dis- + regard (q.v.). Related: Disregarded; disregarding.