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Word Example of - disservice

    Example Sentences for disservice

    As for Gaston Cheverny, he did me then and there the only disservice of his life.

    It was the hundredth disservice the silly fellow had done me.

    It would be doing a disservice to his memory to deny that his style did not possess literary distinction or elegance.

    Miss Crawford's beauty did her no disservice with the Miss Bertrams.

    We will not do a great man such a disservice as to dig him up for a spectacle.

    He had obeyed his conscience and yet done Harry Feversham no disservice.

    Kindnesses misplaced are nothing but a curse and a disservice.

    "I scarce know whether he did me service or disservice, your Highness," he added, with something between a grunt and a sigh.

    The epigrams can be made; but it is uninstructive, rather tending to do disservice.

    At least they have been of some service to our cause and of some disservice to yours, and that, I take it, is the purpose of war.

Word Origin & History of - disservice

    Word Origin & History

    disservice 1599, from dis- + service (q.v.).

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