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Word Example of - dissipation

    Example Sentences for dissipation

    A little whirlwind of dissipation had blown through the days.

    What surprised me was that a circus should be his idea of dissipation.

    Collectively, they are commendable, especially those located in country places, away from scenes of dissipation and profligacy.

    He refused; this, he recognized, was not a time for dissipation; he needed every faculty.

    The accepted opinion is that Poe's dissipation was his chief fault, as it was that to which was owing his ruin in the end.

    His dissipation would be followed by months of total abstinence.

    I returned it at once with the excuse that I feared incapacitating myself for work by dissipation.

    There were traces of starvation or dissipation in every movement.

    The fact is that one winter of dissipation has done the work of ruin.

    Juliet says her brother died of dissipation in a gambling-house.

Word Origin & History of - dissipation

    Word Origin & History

    dissipation "intemperate mode of living," 1784; see dissipate.

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