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Word Example of - dissoluteness

    Example Sentences for dissoluteness

    The dissoluteness and violence of his character were not changed by the change of scene.

    The opportunities for vice and dissoluteness are really less than at home.

    It eyes them with an extraordinary 'dissoluteness'—if you will give that word its literal meaning.

    In the Roman epoch the town was notorious for its dissoluteness.

    Later, Churchill and Wilkes, those partners in dissoluteness and satire, were members of this social club.

    Over-gorging and dissoluteness killed her, said the Lorilleux.

    There was profligacy in very exalted places, and, indeed, dissoluteness and immorality everywhere.

    It was destroyed by the loafers and the dissoluteness of Coney Island.

    Below the popes, a clergy as vicious as their rulers, squandering money, plundered from the people in dissoluteness and luxury.

    His genius and austere morals, contrasted with the dissoluteness of the Romish Clergy, gave him unbounded influence in the state.

Word Origin & History of - dissoluteness

    Word Origin & History

    dissolute late 14c., from L. dissolutus, pp. of dissolvere "loosen up" (see dissolve). Intermediate sense of "lax" led to modern meaning of "unrestrained in morals" (1510s).

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