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Word Example of - dissolve

    Example Sentences for dissolve

    We calculated to dissolve the partnership and strike out for ourselves elsewhere.

    He blew a cloud of tobacco smoke and let it dissolve significantly in the air.

    Then dissolve Ambergrise and Musk, of each a scruple, in a few ounces of the water, which filtre and put to the rest.

    She began to long feverishly for something to dissolve the situation.

    Dissolve half a cake of compressed yeast in one cupful of milk, and add two cupfuls of flour, or enough to make a sponge.

    Weigh out French maltose, 40 grammes, and dissolve in the agar.

    Here some grim figure waited in silence behind an upright, only to dissolve with the changing light.

    Dissolve the butter in a saucepan, then place in all the ingredients except the salt.

    If added too quickly the hydrosulphite will cake, fall to the bottom and be difficult to dissolve.

    Rebecca half expected to see it dissolve like a wind-driven fog.

Word Origin & History of - dissolve

    Word Origin & History

    dissolve late 14c., from L. dissolvere "to loosen up, break apart," from dis- "apart" + solvere "to loose, loosen" (see solve). Related: Dissolved; dissolving.