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Word Example of - distraction

    Example Sentences for distraction

    Unluckily, her husband had not the same source of distraction.

    If there was distraction for our troops at all, it was perhaps at the collection.

    For awhile hope and fear kept him in a state bordering on distraction.

    At last he behaved with the inconsistency of distraction and hesitation.

    Miss Monro was, perhaps, very wise in proposing the translation of a difficult part of Dante for a distraction to Ellinor.

    They relieved her heart a little—at any rate it was a distraction to think of the rhymes.

    And for the Stage, there you have more Lewdness, tho' not a jot less of Distraction.

    That in consideration of this distraction you will eat a little to-day.

    At length he quitted the house; and it is said that, in grief and distraction, he also quitted the kingdom.

    My Angelo was a divine youth, and he loved me to distraction.

Word Origin & History of - distraction

    Word Origin & History

    distraction mid-15c., from L. distractionem, noun of action from distrahere (see distract). Meaning "mental disturbance" (in driven to distraction, etc.) is c.1600.