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Word Example of - distress

    Example Sentences for distress

    At my cry of distress Sam suddenly looked up and jerked the mule's head so that he, too, stopped and regarded me.

    That was what she meant: but there were many other ways of distress happening.

    Vetch heard through the fog guns firing signals of distress; but three days passed before he knew how serious the disaster was.

    Now, my dear, let us get to the bottom of all this distress.

    It is one of those practical dilemmas which delight casuists and distress honest and earnest servants of God.

    When she saw that there had been distress before there was illness, she took her part.

    The victorious argument by which she subdued my heart was, that at that moment Diderot was in distress.

    I have no doubt it is some vessel in distress; and we must do something for her.

    Nothing more was to be obtained from her; and the magistrates were so moved by her distress, that she was dismissed.

    A debtor cannot become a slave, and parents in distress cannot sell their children.

Word Origin & History of - distress

    Word Origin & History

    distress late 13c., from O.Fr. destresse, from Gallo-Romance *districtia "restraint, affliction," from L. districtus, pp. of distringere "draw apart, hinder," also, in M.L. "compel, coerce," from dis- "apart" + stringere "draw tight, press together" (see strain (v.)). Related: Distressed; distressing.

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