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Word Example of - disunion

    Example Sentences for disunion

    If any one promotes national distrust or disunion at this hour, he is helping the enemy and hurting his native land.

    The special interest of the campaign centered in the menace of disunion.

    Disunion, had it come then, might have been the way to a true union.

    The spirit of disunion was rampant in all parts of the South.

    It seemed as if he was purposely introducing into his own family the disunion which rent Europe in twain.

    The issue of our present struggle must be Disunion or Emancipation.

    Thence proceeded at one time troops, at another intrigues, to carry dismay or disunion amongst the Gauls.

    This will raise distinctly the question of union or disunion.

    Sir Robert said that there was but one subject of disunion between himself and Her Majesty.

    But among the four Powers there was far more of disunion than union.

Word Origin & History of - disunion

    Word Origin & History of - disunion

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