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Word Example of - disunity

    Example Sentences for disunity

    If the emotion is pleasurable it is the consciousness of the unity within; if it is painful, of the disunity.

    That there is disunity is suggested and admitted in the terms of the subject.

    If the whole world should seem to combine against you, it is only unreal combination, or intermediateness to unity and disunity.

    This disunity has grown out of conditions which range over a few generations.

    To illustrate some of the traits of disunity already mentioned, let us translate this incident into Chinese.

    Lincoln could have accepted peace at the cost of disunity and continued slavery.

    To know God and not oneself to be God, to know blessedness and not oneself to enjoy it, is a state of disunity, of unhappiness.

    It would be a sign of Christian disunity far more distressing than sectarianism.

    We associate a corresponding double meaning with disunity or opposition.

    Our heritage from the reformation is another value which we are in the process of losing because of disunity.

Word Origin & History of - disunity

    Word Origin & History of - disunity

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