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Word Example of - ditto

    Example Sentences for ditto

    “And I say ditto,” burst from Watty Wilkins with powerful emphasis.

    Ditto,” cried Waller still more emphatically; “what say you, Hawkswing?

    Ditto George, the gasman, steadiest and most reliable man I ever employed.

    The fodder is odious, not fit for a pig, and the wine is ditto.

    That is practically from the Bristol Channel to the English ditto, a rousing stretch.

    The dash is sometimes used in catalogue work as a ditto mark.

    "Ditto hic, as Julius Csar used to say," roared the Unwiseman.

    Sam has been got out of the way by a cooked-up story, ditto your manager.

    The original sketch of Cicero at the Tomb of Archimedes, for ditto.

    To ditto, with green leather, all the library chairs and the couch.

Word Origin & History of - ditto

    Word Origin & History

    ditto 1625, Tuscan dial. ditto "(in) the said (month or year)," from It. detto, pp. of dire "to say," from L. dicere (see diction). Originally used in It. to avoid repetition of month names in a series of dates; generalized meaning of "same as above" first recorded in Eng. 1678.

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