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Word Example of - divide

    Example Sentences for divide

    You can divide a spoonful of water into as many drops as you like.

    Here he seems to divide Persia geographically into eight provinces.

    Now to divide for the neck: K 34, and slip these st on to a safety-pin.

    We'll divide it into four and the man who puts in the most shall take two shares.

    But divide a line of infinite length in the middle, and each part is infinite.

    I therefore demand that you divide with us all the arms, ammunition, and goods we have.

    So Hira set herself to divide the hearts hitherto undivided.

    The more complex the task, the more obvious the need to divide it.

    It was a difficult problem to divide that very irregular polygon into two equal parts.

    Divide and conquer is their motto, suicide will be their epitaph.

Word Origin & History of - divide

    Word Origin & History

    divide late 14c., from L. dividere "to force apart, cleave, distribute," from dis- "apart" + -videre "to separate," from PIE base *widh- "to separate," related to widow; and see with. Mathematical sense is from early 15c. The noun meaning "watershed, separation between river valleys" is first recorded 1807. Divider "partition or screen," especially in a room, is from 1959. Divide and rule (c.1600) translates L. divide et impera, a maxim of Machiavelli. Related: Divided; dividing.

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