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Word Example of - divorce

    Example Sentences for divorce

    But I will never admit that this is the reason for the state of our divorce laws.

    You dared not divorce your wife and you thought there was no necessity for it.

    The boy could spoke the wheel of this divorce yet if he set his mind to it.

    Augustus compelled the husband of Livia to divorce her because he wanted her himself.

    You see, child, a divorce in a family is always a very sad thing.

    In the ancient German law there was absolute freedom of divorce by agreement.

    He wanted to force her husband's hand and to marry Peggy after the divorce.

    This set it aside more absolutely than any divorce a vinculo could undo it.

    One of these new laws relates to divorce and is most modern and radical in its scope.

    They divorce themselves when they have determined that they want to do so.

Word Origin & History of - divorce

    Word Origin & History of divorce

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