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Word Example of - docile

    Example Sentences for docile

    She acknowledged his praise with a momentary choke in her voice, and a bend of her head which was not without a docile dignity.

    One horse is patient and docile, the other wild and headstrong.

    The docile and alarmed husband did as instructed; and lo, the black horse flew off with a great noise.

    It seemed to me that he despised him for being so simple and docile.

    But, docile in everything, she would not go back to her friend till he returned.

    At last he tapped his way upstairs, after bowing to everybody, docile and happy.

    Those so-called 'lesser deeps' were conquered first, of course, and all their races of fish are docile enough now.

    He was resolved to strike when the iron was hot, and to get away while she was in this docile mood.

    That's the gratitude I get for putting the case to him in a reasonable, docile, filial fashion.

    I have made Sardinians docile, and Sarmatians as gentle as lambs, so you can judge of my skill.

Word Origin & History of - docile

    Word Origin & History

    docile late 15c., from It. or Fr. docile, from L. docilis "easily taught," from docere "teach" (see doctor). Sense of "obedient, submissive" first recorded 1774.