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The Synonym of - docket (verb)

Word Example of - docket

    Example Sentences for docket

    This was one of the most remarkable cases ever on the docket of the Circuit Court of Hanover for many years.

    Most of the old long-standing grievances were still on the docket.

    This was the first case on the docket, and the beginning of a new history with this people,—a new way of settling difficulties.

    If she did, the whole holiday would be spoiled, since there were no other executions on the docket.

    And the docket is clogged because we don't have authority to hire more of them.

    He is the only man in the history of England who ever cleared the docket of the Court of Chancery.

    If youll sign my docket to show Ive been here, Ill get some sleep.

    He examined the statutes, looked over his docket, but he did not seem to get any light.

    Blazes Boylan at the counter wrote and pushed the docket to her.

    The mayor did not look at him, but went on annotating this docket.

Word Origin & History of - docket

    Word Origin & History

    docket c.1460, "a summary or abstract," of unknown origin, perhaps a dim. form related to dock (v.). An early form was doggette.