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What is a better word for doctrine? What's another word for doctrine? What are 5 "doctrine synonyms"? How can I replace the word doctrine? What is the meaning of doctrine in English?

Word Example of - doctrine

    Example Sentences for doctrine

    Clearly, the doctrine in question is not based on the words of Scripture.

    Preach this doctrine to husbands, and the married women will adore thee.

    This was by my doctrine of self-love, self-righteousness, self-ends, and such like.

    In the fourth century this doctrine was derived from sacramentarianism.

    In almost every phase of life, this doctrine of political altruists is equally impracticable and pernicious.

    This doctrine is founded on an interpretation of Corinthians xv.

    Thus, the doctrine which He has been preaching to the Pharisees is brought out in all its power.

    Many American cases could be cited which carry the doctrine further.

    It is not the doctrine of the faculty that the sovereign pontiff is above an Ĺ“cumenical council.

    In truth, this doctrine is apparently the most simple and the most powerful which can be presented to the savage.

Word Origin & History of - doctrine

    Word Origin & History

    doctrine late 14c., from O.Fr. doctrine (12c.), from L. doctrina "teaching, body of teachings, learning," from doctor "teacher" (see doctor).