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Word Example of - document

    Example Sentences for document

    This was the document he had handed over to the actress the night before.

    But what will not serve as a document to the modern historian?

    Lola tore the document to pieces and threw them in their faces.

    The old man may have left a document behind likely to solve the whole business.

    He may take notes of it during the reading, but not receive a copy, because it is a document to be sent to the Senate!

    Pash, who knows his writing better than any other man, says the document is genuine.

    The document being in print was distributed and much interest was manifested in its perusal.

    If there is any document of Americanism, it is the Declaration of Independence.

    He turned to the table, his long, emaciated, trembling fingers singling out a document that lay upon it.

    I could not help smiling at the document when I had completed it.

Word Origin & History of - document

    Word Origin & History

    document mid-15c., "teaching, instruction," from M.Fr. document "lesson, written evidence," from L. documentum "example, proof, lesson," in M.L. "official written instrument," from docere "to show, teach" (see doctor). Meaning "something written that provides proof or evidence" is from 1727; the verb meaning "to support by documentary evidence" is from 1711. Related: Documented; documents.

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