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Word Example of - dodge

    Example Sentences for dodge

    The trick is to dodge an attack from the animal and stab him to the heart as he passes.

    The center players run about in the circle trying to dodge the ball.

    All that's only a dodge to get people off in plenty of time.

    A Dodge: If the silver dish burns you, put bits of bread under it.

    Every dollar of taxation which the church is allowed to dodge is one dollar more laid on the shoulders of the honest taxpayers.

    Even an old ex-South Sea trader may get there—if he can dodge the other place.

    The crumbling ledges at the end of the point were full of holes and crevices into which the beast could dodge.

    He tried to dodge the aim, right or left, by moving his head.

    I don't think I ought to close without giving some deductions from my experience of eight years "on the dodge."

    It must be admitted that he tried to dodge his best friend, but he did not succeed.

Word Origin & History of - dodge

    Word Origin & History of - dodge

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