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Word Example of - doer

    Example Sentences for doer

    The reputation that he coveted most was, as he declared, in a letter to Samuel Mather, that of a doer of good.

    Once he took Loki with him, Loki, the doer of good and the doer of evil.

    Loved, it yields sweetness in comparison with which the delights of sense are bitter; done, it automatically rewards the doer.

    The successful engineer is both thinker and doer—must be in his profession.

    Turning to thank the doer of the courtesy, she caught a flash of white teeth and the steady regard of two bright blue eyes.

    Talk you with such like evil fawtors, (factor, doer), Master Bertram?

    Man only thinks of the quantity of work done: God considers the doer's heart.

    Doer Kweiros flipped off the playback and gazed at the unresponsive wall.

    It helps to produce the impression that in his decline and fall the doer's act is returning on his own head.

    The deed once done, I care not whether the doer escape or not; if not, why we must stab him!

Word Origin & History of - doer

    Word Origin & History

    doer c.1300, agent noun from do.

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