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Word Example of - dogma

    Example Sentences for dogma

    Ah,” he said, “as to dogma, I think we must be content for the present with a few stories and hymns.

    The contact of two races and two civilizations cannot be settled by any dogma.

    Time was when one man framed a dogma and declared it to be the eternal truth.

    The respect for the Sixties was an article of faith, a dogma of dogmas in the Nineties.

    Whether on the side of dogma or ritual, it seemed to have lost for the moment its old impulse—to have lost heart and life.

    Everything conspired to favour the triumph of dogma over reason.

    For ages he has claimed infallibility, and this claim became a dogma of the church when adopted by the General Council of 1870.

    A dogma is an overmastering sentiment which has found expression in a formula.

    The main thing, then, is to give intellectual assent to dogma and creed.

    Then she would add, didactically, some word of dogma or admonition.

Word Origin & History of - dogma

    Word Origin & History

    dogma 1540s (implied in dogmatist), from L. dogma "philosophical tenet," from Gk. dogma (gen. dogmatos) "opinion, tenet," lit. "that which one thinks is true," from dokein "to seem good, think" (see decent). Treated in 17c.-18c. as Gk., with pl. dogmata.

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