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Word Example of - dole

    Example Sentences for dole

    So too his scorn for the Roman populace of his time, who cared only for their dole of bread and the public games, is unqualified.

    Dole sunlight into his room by degrees; and when he can bear it, drench him with it.

    It is a symptom of approaching famine that beggars are perforce refused their daily dole.

    The Dickens idea of betterment was the priestly plan of dole.

    Do not dole out money to your wife as though she were a beggar.

    But he fished out a dole, though he was vexed at the injury to the supper.

    And really he almost showed an appetite for the hourly dole.

    What is the cause of this parsimony of the liberty which you dole out to the people?

    Who dream that never higher than the dole Of its own source, its stream may rise?

    You force me to dole out what ought to be unmeasured to all human creatures.

Word Origin & History of - dole

    Word Origin & History

    dole O.E. dal "sharing, giving out," shortened from gedal "portion," related to dæl "deal," from P.Gmc. *dailiz. Meaning of "charitable portion" (mid-14c.) led to verb "hand out charity" (mid-15c.). On the dole is 1920s. Related: Doled; doling.

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