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Word Example of - dolor

    Example Sentences for dolor

    When Prince Dolor had carefully untied all the knots, the cloak began to undo itself.

    Yes, I am a prince, and my name is Dolor; will you tell me yours, madam?

    But Prince Dolor hardly saw it; he only saw, hid in the corner where nobody else would see it, his wonderful travelling-cloak.

    What they found when they came to Virginia was dolor enough.

    Dolor corporis salus est animae, et infirmitas temporalis, sanitas perpetua.

    It frightens me so,' pleaded Margarita, for she saw the dolor coming.

    They suffer sometimes from rheumatism, but the most common disease is pleurisy (dolor de costado), which generally proves fatal.

    And Prince Dolor blushed when he had said it, and hoped nobody had heard him.

    Prince Dolor repeated gayly the musical rhyme—but all the while tried to hold his godmother fast.

    And so my dolor findes some ease, through flames of fansies fires.

Word Origin & History of - dolor

    Word Origin & History of - dolor

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