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Word Example of - dominant

    Example Sentences for dominant

    Nowhere is conscience so dominant and all-absorbing as with New England women.

    Other mendicant orders prove the dominant ideas of the time.

    The red shiner was ubiquitous, and was the dominant species at a majority of stations.

    Of the native element the Tagals are the most advanced, and are the dominant people.

    Among Hungarian novels we may distinguish four dominant genres or tendencies.

    The dominant issues of the eighties did not touch his problems.

    And this resolve of the child became the dominant purpose of the man.

    Great Britain has been the dominant factor in the world for a century.

    It has been the dominant note of much of the American writing that has endured.

    After the soup the dominant note of self-sacrifice had vanished entirely.

Word Origin & History of - dominant

    Word Origin & History

    dominant 1530s, from Fr. dominant (13c.), from L. dominantem, prp. of dominari (see domination). Music sense is from 1819. The noun is first recorded 1819, earliest in the musical sense.

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