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The Synonym of - dominating (adjective)

Word Example of - dominating

    Example Sentences for dominating

    Constantine was no longer at the helm, fearless, respected, and dominating.

    We have a secret fear that they, the material, are dominating us, the spiritual.

    In Karagw, Ankori, or Usongora, they are the dominating classes.

    Tall, magnetic, dominating, he enforced his will upon every one.

    Cosimo succeeded in dominating the republic while remaining nominally a private citizen.

    Yet this was the dominating principle of English bankruptcy 1861.

    Yet, confident of his ultimate victory, he maintained the dominating presence of a black Penny.

    None knew better than she that he was a dominating man when he chose to be.

    Grattan holds the centre of College Green, a dominating figure near those walls which he filled with stately eloquence.

    The voice opposite droned on, engrossing, dominating, hypnotic.

Word Origin & History of - dominating

    Word Origin & History

    dominate 1610s, from L. dominat-, pp. stem of dominari "to govern," from dominus (see domain). Related: Dominated; dominating.

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