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Word Example of - doomed

    Example Sentences for doomed

    She is becoming just, scrupulous, humane, and therefore she is doomed.

    Miss Custer was doomed to have a serious time of it, after all.

    No, they are doomed—unless they can escape as you have done.

    He knew that he was doomed—that he was poisoned—that he must die.

    And sorrowing for the beauty that was doomed she went to her work.

    If one of those titans was to be used against Cathay, Earth's colony was doomed.

    They fell upon the doomed man's ears with all the cruelty of physical blows.

    For the timbers, the trees out of which they were to be made had already been doomed.

    Ay, tremble more at me than at yon English, doomed and accursed as they be!

    You have forgotten yourself; in the arms of a doomed traitor.

Word Origin & History of - doomed

    Word Origin & History

    doom O.E. dom "law, judgment, condemnation," from P.Gmc. *domaz, from PIE root *dhe- (cf. Skt. dhaman- "law," Gk. themis "law," Lith. dome "attention"), lit. "to set, put" (see factitious). A book of laws in O.E. was a dombec. Modern sense of "fate, ruin, destruction" is c.1600, from the finality of the Christian Judgment Day. Related: Doomed.

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