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Word Example of - dot

    Example Sentences for dot

    He took only a few of them at first, so that Dot should not miss them.

    And you may be sure that Dot did ample justice to the rich find.

    Lillie turned once to give Tess and Dot the full benefit of one of the worst grimaces she could possibly make.

    Red Feather offered his blanket to Dot, but she shook her head.

    As he did so, the grappling hook caught hold of Dot's belt of patent leather that fastened her heavy coat about the waist.

    Dot had only two frocks, besides her morning pink print with her.

    The big holes with their earthen rims began to dot the fields in many places.

    Dot, who possessed three, shook her head as she handled her muslin dress.

    Now Atherton was, of course, well-nigh spent; he had followed instructions to the dot, and was not expected to finish.

    The tears that fell from Dot's eyes were not for Betty, but altogether for herself.

Word Origin & History of - dot

    Word Origin & History

    dot O.E. dott "speck, head of a boil," perhaps related to tit "nipple." Known from a single source c.1000; the word reappeared with modern meaning "mark" c.1530; not common until 18c. Morse telegraph sense is from 1838. On the dot "punctual" is 1909, in reference to a clock dial face. Dot-matrix first attested 1975.