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Word Example of - dotage

    Example Sentences for dotage

    He was very frightened, howled the whole time we stayed, and was apparently in his dotage, hardly able to walk.

    She is the last survivor of the quorum, and is now fast fading into dotage.

    Indeed Henrys attempt to entrap the innocence of his son-in-law, would almost indicate that he was very far advanced in dotage.

    But, no, no; Porthos is not yet an invalid, nor is Aramis in his dotage.

    Dotage, or the mental imbecility produced by excessive old age, is also a disqualification for admission.

    What terrible things might he not be expected to do now that his dotage was coming on?

    Today at an age that leaves the greater number of men in their dotage, Mr. Robinson is healthy and active.

    Now I am getting into my dotage and look on the dark side of everything.

    What will be our fate in the frenzy, so to speak, that shall befall the world in its dotage?

    You sometimes hear people say, 'Yes, but he was in his dotage.'

Word Origin & History of - dotage

    Word Origin & History

    dotage c.1300, from dote + -age. Originally of all sorts of mental impairment, not just that resulting from old age.

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