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"double Synonyms"

What is a better word for double? What's another word for double? What are 5 "double synonyms"? How can I replace the word double? What is the meaning of double in English?

Word Example of - double

    Example Sentences for double

    Down the passage they sped at the double, and out into the courtyard.

    All my demurs but double his attacks; At last he whispers, “Do; and we go snacks.”

    Elizabeth, Queen is said to have been warned of her death by the apparition of her own double.

    How that little fellow stares about him, like a child of double his age!

    The boy shouldered the double rifle and followed the doctor.

    This, as they had both guessed, produced a double effect on the battle.

    They were met by double the number of Spaniards, and by a sharp fire.

    It's worth the risk to double your fortune—do it for my sake!

    He is made for them in every part of their double character.

    The children sat on the double steps of the long piazza to eat their supper.

Word Origin & History of - double

    Word Origin & History of double

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