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Word Example of - double-cross

    Example Sentences for double-cross

    In all my years and in all my trips over the southwest you are the first westerner to give me the double-cross.

    I might have had sense enough to see he'd take the first chance to hand me the double-cross.

    Well, then, would it be bad to play false with an escaped felon—to double-cross him?

    "Beasley, he was giving you the double-cross," cut in Bo Rayner's cool voice.

    Tried to double-cross me, and in the rough-and-tumble that followed he was more or less banged up.

    If Lafe thought he could double-cross him in that manner, he had a few things to learn.

    With which short, but sure, wire-pulling Mr. Vandeford opened his campaign to double-cross his own original plans.

    It didn't seem possible that Bridge could be going to double-cross him.

    Tried to double-cross me with a friend—but one that counted!

    You threw me down and gave me the double-cross the other day, and now I've come back at you.

Word Origin & History of - double-cross

    Word Origin & History

    double-cross 1834, from double + cross in the sense of "pre-arranged swindle or fix." Originally to win a race after promising to lose it.

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