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Word Example of - doubter

    Example Sentences for doubter

    There is no road open for the doubter and questioner of popular rights but that which leads back to abandoned ground.

    But I'm a doubter, and a mocker, and a failure, and Phillida knows it.

    "You'd better let him alone," said the Doubter, in a sepulchral voice.

    A doubter disappeared one day from the cloister, and no one ever knew what became of him.

    But, as must be added, the case for the doubter of science has led also toward a belief in science.

    But when the doubter is sure of this, then let him no longer silence his highest thoughts.

    The doubter, the investigator, the Infidel, have been the saviors of liberty.

    Again, the Church is justified in cautioning the doubter not to be proud of his doubt as a doubt.

    Conceivably the doubter, a very versatile character always, might even be both evolutionist and creationalist.

    No sceptic, no doubter, could have gone forth as I did into that unknown of gloom and fear.

Word Origin & History of - doubter

    Word Origin & History

    doubt early 13c., from O.Fr. douter, from L. dubitare "hesitate, waver in opinion" (related to dubius "uncertain"), originally "to have to choose between two things." The sense of "fear" developed in O.Fr. and was passed on to English. The -b- was restored 14c. by scribes in imitation of L. Replaced O.E. tweogan (noun twynung), from tweon "two," on notion of "of two minds" or the choice of two implied in Latin dubitare (cf. Ger. Zweifel "doubt," from zwei "two").

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