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Word Example of - doubtful

    Example Sentences for doubtful

    "I don't doubt it at all," said the Doubtful Dromedary to everyone's surprise.

    He said that there was plenty of fishing; but he said it in a tone which made me doubtful about his meaning.

    We might run down to the light-house by mid-day, while it is doubtful if we could reach the town until to-morrow morning.

    At first he was doubtful whether so small an object could be a bird.

    This, I fear, is a doubtful blessing, for it leads to a vast number of the birds being taken prisoner.

    There is one doubtful point which should not be passed over.

    It is doubtful whether this latter penalty, to the free islander, is not a more dreaded calamity than even the loss of life.

    It is doubtful whether the name Cheese is to be included here.

    It is doubtful whether the world furnishes a finer type of man, physically and intellectually, than the Irish gentleman.

    When justice is doubtful, I should lean to the side of mercy.

Word Origin & History of - doubtful

    Word Origin & History

    doubtful late 14c., from doubt + -ful. Related: Doubtfully.

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