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The Synonym of - doubting (adjective)

Word Example of - doubting

    Example Sentences for doubting

    Between a doubting Christian and one more confirmed, about Assurance.

    Wake up, and we will apologize to your aunt for doubting her.

    In early life he had even been proud of doubting that which the majority of men believe.

    There was no possibility of doubting the reality of his emotion.

    This man is married to a handsome woman, whose fidelity he has perpetually been doubting from no cause except his own sagacity.

    The last remark was directed quietly at the doubting detective.

    Still, there was no doubting that some unexplained influence was at work.

    Besides, my dear, the cold, there was another reason for doubting.

    "I'm doubting we can't do it," said the guard, thoughtfully.

    Write to me soon and forgive me for doubting that you would understand.

Word Origin & History of - doubting

    Word Origin & History

    doubt early 13c., from O.Fr. douter, from L. dubitare "hesitate, waver in opinion" (related to dubius "uncertain"), originally "to have to choose between two things." The sense of "fear" developed in O.Fr. and was passed on to English. The -b- was restored 14c. by scribes in imitation of L. Replaced O.E. tweogan (noun twynung), from tweon "two," on notion of "of two minds" or the choice of two implied in Latin dubitare (cf. Ger. Zweifel "doubt," from zwei "two").

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