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Word Example of - douse

    Example Sentences for douse

    You can lend a hand with the powder or pass the water buckets to douse the fire if she gets ablaze.

    Jack was about to douse the light, but Hemming told him to let it burn on.

    For several nights they advised me to "cut out the higher education, douse that light and come to bed."

    I mind a sentence in it that must have been a douse of cauld watter—toch!

    The second douse was flung quickly; he became confused, rushed into the captain's berth, believing he was making his way on deck.

    If I could only lay in a crick—roll in it—douse my face in it—soak my clothes in it!

    “And tell Johnson to douse him with a few buckets of salt water,” he added, in a lower tone for my ear alone.

    Douse your glim, mate; we'll be having them Zeppelins all over us.

    Gladly I bade him come along, figuring that his pilotage would give me a better chance of avoiding the dreaded "Douse."

    Douse my to'-gallant top-lights but we'll have a skirmish now sure.

Word Origin & History of - douse

    Word Origin & History

    douse 1559, "to strike, punch," which is probably from M.Du. dossen "beat forcefully." Meaning "to strike a sail in haste" is recorded from 1627; that of "to extinguish (a light)" is from 1785; perhaps influenced by dout (1526), an obsolete contraction of do out (cf. doff, don). OED regards the meaning "to throw water over" (1606) as a separate word, of unknown origin, though admitting there may be a connection of some sort.

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