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Word Example of - down

    Example Sentences for down

    They had reached us while our host was down, even while my fist was still clenched.

    Just when you get where their politeness has smoothed you down, look out for a knife in your back.

    Down the passage they sped at the double, and out into the courtyard.

    Sometimes the calyx is covered with down, as in geranium, primrose, etc.

    He walked up and down, sometimes in the narrow room, sometimes in the garden.

    The other man was driving and they rattled off down the street.

    Make haste, say they can put him down to my deposit account.

    He shut the door and locked it behind him and then went on down the corridor.

    The cock was down, the pan and muzzle were black with the smoke; it had been that instant fired.

    Now your ladyship can see a little of our goings on—now the shutters are down: but, dear heart!

Word Origin & History of - down

    Word Origin & History

    down O.E. ofdune "downwards," from dune "from the hill," dative of dun "hill" (see down (n.2)). Used as a preposition since c.1500. Sense of "depressed mentally" is attested from c.1600. Slang sense of "aware, wide awake" is attested from 1812. Computer sense is from 1965. Down-and-out is from 1889, Amer.Eng., from situation of a beaten prizefighter. Down home (adj.) is 1931, Amer.Eng.; down the hatch as a toast is from 1931; down to the wire is 1901, from horse-racing. Down time is from 1952. Down under "Australia and New Zealand" attested from 1886; Down East "Maine" is from 1825.

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