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Word Example of - downer

    Example Sentences for downer

    Make him lively, cook him; tell him who taught you; a downer to him, and I'll marry you to-morrow!'

    Last fall I potted some of the Downer, and in the winter grew them in the house.

    There was Downer, a little Freshman, white with the excitement of his first public performance.

    Some berries shine, the Downer glows as if there were a red bloom upon it.

    Here was a great mortgage on the Downer farm, that the Eastmans had partly cut into city lots.

    Downer's Cleaning and Polishing Oil for bright metals, is the oldest and best in the market.

Word Origin & History of - downer

    Word Origin & History

    downer 1966 in sense of "barbiturate;" 1970 in sense of "depressing person." From down (adv.).

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