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Word Example of - downfall

    Example Sentences for downfall

    In the capital the effect was to hasten the downfall of the Shouyskie dynasty.

    It was the chief cause of the downfall of the state which had been created by it.

    There was no longer any talk of the downfall of England within a few months.

    But he had torn the mask from the face of every other man who had been concerned in his downfall.

    The downfall of Louis Philippe in 1848 at once convulsed the whole of central Europe.

    The downfall of nations and empires has been attributed to the breakdown of the family.

    That gentleman's fury was rekindled at the sight of the club man who had been so instrumental in his downfall.

    This was therefore equal to the downfall of the primitive world.

    And how cruel it was of you to make me a witness of the spectacle of your downfall, the laughter and sneers of the onlookers!

    Iago resolves to make use of Desdemona to cause Cassio's downfall.

Word Origin & History of - downfall

    Word Origin & History

    downfall ruin, c.1300, from down (adv.) + fall.

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