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Word Example of - downheartedness

    Example Sentences for downheartedness

    At these words all Lisbeth's downheartedness vanished, and she felt only how festive and cozy it was to be at home again.

    At first she could scarcely believe that this was the cause of his downheartedness.

    Mr. Hardy's love-poems belong to the literature of downheartedness.

    Could Ernest have known Mr. Kurtz's true state of mind, he would have had less reason for downheartedness.

    Hussey, with his cheeriness and his banjo, was another vital factor in chasing away any tendency to downheartedness.

Word Origin & History of - downheartedness

    Word Origin & History

    downhearted 1774 (downheartedly is attested from 1650s), a figurative image from down (adv.) + heart.

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