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Word Example of - downright

    Example Sentences for downright

    The doctor longed to give her a downright piece of his mind.

    It's downright audacious how they all try to keep you away from me, my lady.

    "He wants one of the dear old dad's downright snubs," was her inward comment.

    I've downright disgusted her; it was me she was most put out with, and after this she'll leave me alone.

    No, not so bad, I never said that downright falsehood—no, I could not; but I did almost as bad.

    Marjorie was downright in manner, plain in face, no flatterer.

    Sir Peter Laurie passes so quickly from hyper-loyalty to downright treason, that he is an insolvable problem.

    He had commenced work in downright earnest on the prize essay.

    They too can on such occasions be priggish if not downright hypocritical.

    Downright, practical George has his objections, and states them.

Word Origin & History of - downright

    Word Origin & History

    downright c.1200, straight down, from down (adv.) + right (adj.1). Meaning thoroughly attested from c.1300.

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