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What is a better word for draft? What's another word for draft? What are 5 "draft synonyms"? How can I replace the word draft? What is the meaning of draft in English?

Word Example of - draft

    Example Sentences for draft

    The draft was still crushed in her hand when she mounted the beloved horse, whose name now was Shiel.

    The next few letters are entirely occupied with incidents of the draft.

    If the design be good, and the draft be true, the colouring is the first beauty that strikes the eye.

    The draft here is carried on by military, not civil, powers.

    A committee was appointed to draft the constitution and by-laws to govern said society.

    Ostensibly the draft was the excuse, but with the moving spirits it was but a subterfuge.

    He was already preparing his Oxford address, the draft of which when ready he wanted me to read.

    He obstructed the draft as adroitly as he could, claiming inequities.

    Moreover, a great national assembly was convoked at Frankfurt to draft a constitution for Germany at large.

    The draft came off that fall and I left for Winchester to escape it.

Word Origin & History of - draft

    Word Origin & History

    draft c.1500, spelling variant of draught (q.v.) to reflect change in pronunciation. Meaning "rough copy of a writing" (something "drawn") is attested from 14c.; that of "preliminary sketch from which a final copy is made" is from 1520s. The meaning "to draw off a group for special duty" is from 1703, in U.S. especially of military service; the v. in this sense first recorded 1714. Draftee is from 1866. Sense in bank draft is from 1745.