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Word Example of - drag

    Example Sentences for drag

    They will not drag such miscreants in their rear, now that they form a corporation with charters and statutes publicly decreed.

    She had then only to drag them into the lodge and prepare their food.

    She was already nearly half full of water, and, being thus very heavy, they could only drag her up a foot or two.

    And they must drag these women and little children about with them.

    My feet were of no use in climbing, and I was obliged to drag myself up by my hands, in doing which they also were frozen.

    I saw them drag the dame in also, and then I closed my eyes.

    Blanche Haight seized one arm, Vivia Varnham the other, and tried to drag her away from the window by main force.

    Ah, butchers, you will drag nothing out of that but her corpse.

    And he told the captive chiefs to drag the body of the giant into the wood and bury it, that Grania might not be affrighted.

    There was no need to drag her far up the beach now, for the tide was full.

Word Origin & History of - drag

    Word Origin & History of - drag

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