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Word Example of - dragging

    Example Sentences for dragging

    In an instant the banker was out of the car, dragging at Marta Lami's hand.

    You came, dragging a whole detachment of guards in for me to question.

    With a wild snort he cleared with one leap a low willow bush and dragging the sled after him, sprang away at a terrific speed.

    The landlord returned in two minutes, dragging Grute in with him.

    Ultimately I succeeded in getting a second rope around him and dragging him to the ground, where he lay like the domestic camel.

    We don't want the skiff, and dragging it behind keeps us back some.

    I was for dragging him out, when Gordon showed me the movement would bring down the butt of the branch on his body.

    He tried to peer into the driving storm, dragging the rain from his eyes with his fingers.

    She opened it, and in crawled poor Pussy, dragging the heavy iron rabbit-trap, in the teeth of which her fore foot was caught.

    The watchdogs in their kennels barked, dragging at their chains.

Word Origin & History of - dragging

    Word Origin & History of dragging

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