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Word Example of - drain

    Example Sentences for drain

    Let stand while preparing other ingredients; drain before stuffing.

    Boil the macaroni in salted water until tender and drain them.

    If the single parishes would unite to dig trenches and drain the soil, they would have the finest meadows.

    Leave them aside for an hour or two, then drain them but don't dry them.

    He squeezed himself through the drain in the night, and feasted in the store-room to his heart's content.

    Take them from the kettle, drain, and brown with butter, salt and pepper.

    He was cutting a drain, which they declared to be a job for which they had a particular fancy.

    Which means that they drain the peasants to the last drop of blood!

    The milk, which has been allowed to curdle spontaneously, is skimmed and allowed to drain.

    All the land that they drain is mine, and no man shall claim it but me.

Word Origin & History of - drain

    Word Origin & History

    drain O.E. dreahnian, from P.Gmc. *draug-, source of "drought, dry," giving the English word originally a sense of "make dry." Figurative meaning of "exhaust" is attested from 1650s. Related: Drained; draining. The noun is from 1550s.

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