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The Synonym of - dramatics (noun)

Word Example of - dramatics

    Example Sentences for dramatics

    The following list will suggest short plays suitable for informal classroom training in dramatics.

    Johnny told him in as few words as possible and with no dramatics at all, just how it was done.

    The main feature of religion's work for recreation, however, consisted of the development of dramatics.

    I don't think she's ever felt just right about that evening of the dramatics, don't you know.

    Just then Miss Williams, the dramatics instructor, hurried in.

    "I really don't see the use of all these dramatics," Bruce said coldly.

    The dramatics instructor looked quizzically at Janet and Helen.

    Now it was for settlement work, now for dramatics, now for dancing.

    She was Anne Weeks, a slender, dark-haired girl of 25 who had attended the state university and majored in dramatics.

    From dramatics he went to politics, special stories and feature work.

Word Origin & History of - dramatics

    Word Origin & History of dramatics

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