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"drawback Synonyms"

What is a better word for drawback? What's another word for drawback? What are 5 "drawback synonyms"? How can I replace the word drawback? What is the meaning of drawback in English?

Word Example of - drawback

    Example Sentences for drawback

    But there is this drawback in the summer, and that is its intense heat, which drives everyone away.

    Furbush's presence was undoubtedly a drawback to Tom's pleasure.

    Electro-magnetic theories have the charm, and the drawback, of dealing largely with the unknown.

    There was only one drawback, but it was a pretty serious one.

    Dr. (rises) It is a drawback to interpolations that they interrupt the argument and distract the attention.

    There is one drawback to the delights of Chia-ting, and that is the climate.

    The only drawback upon the cultivation of tobacco, in this state, is the worm, which begins its depredations in early summer.

    There is only one drawback, Betsy, said Tom, as he finished his story.

    He was an Irishman; and his drawback, under the old dispensation, was his obscure position.

    Every act of service is subject to the drawback, "I am as good as you are."

Word Origin & History of - drawback

    Word Origin & History

    drawback "hindrance, disadvantage,"1720, from draw + back. The notion is of something that "holds back" success or activity.