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Word Example of - drawer

    Example Sentences for drawer

    Every minister of the gospel is a “drawer of water,” to his congregation, from the “Spiritual Rock” which follows the church.

    "Here's the cheque-book," said the colonel, taking it from a drawer.

    Unlocking a drawer, he took out a small rosewood box, finely inlaid.

    "That's a gentle hint not to take anything from that drawer," said Fanny to herself.

    Returning home later in the afternoon, she found Mrs. Weems sitting on the living room floor, sorting a drawer of old photographs.

    Do you mean to tell me, Fanny, that Mrs. Green let the cat out of the drawer?

    State maps, printed in colors, are fastened in the bottoms of shallow drawers, a drawer for each state.

    "In the drawer, if you must know," replied Fanny, desperately.

    I know the drawer where he keeps his plunder, and I can buy a chisel on my way home.

    What have you done with the money you took from the drawer in the closet?

Word Origin & History of - drawer

    Word Origin & History

    drawer 1570s, a box that can be "drawn" out of a cabinet; see draw.

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