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Word Example of - drawing

    Example Sentences for drawing

    "I have got a sharper knife," said he, drawing his penknife out of his pocket.

    “The drawing is something like a panther, mamma,” exclaimed Mary.

    "I'm so sorry, Neale," the girl whispered, drawing nearer to his elbow.

    "I can't help it; I'm afraid," she cried, shivering and drawing closer.

    But the Bishops are intriguing, and drawing them over daily.

    It was like the drawing of a garment upon the rugged ground.

    The portrait was not wanting in force or decision of touch, but the drawing was defective.

    All this forms the scenical picture at the drawing up the curtain.

    I felt that he was drawing a net about me, out of which I might not be able to struggle.

    "Let us sit down here," he said, drawing forward a chair for her.

Word Origin & History of - drawing

    Word Origin & History

    drawing c.1300, "pulling," in various senses, from draw. The picture-making sense is from 1520s.

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