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Word Example of - dream

    Example Sentences for dream

    What did you expect to be, or dream of being, when you were a boy?

    I want to fix my tribe's dream so firmly it can never be forgotten.

    They answered, "We have had a dream, and there is no one who can tell what it means."

    It was that principle that was the real kernel of the New England dream in this country.

    He went about absorbed in the interest and the actuality of this dream.

    Sara awakened from her dream, started a little, and then broke into a laugh.

    You have reached the "heights of dream" all right, but how are you to stay there to the end?

    She has appeared in a music-hall here, and she's as beautiful as a dream.

    He once told of a dream he had which illustrated the endurance of his wife.

    It was nearly dark, and the weather was as pleasant as a maiden's dream.

Word Origin & History of - dream

    Word Origin & History of - dream

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