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Word Example of - dreariness

    Example Sentences for dreariness

    What other exile could have taught any secrets of monotony or dreariness to the daughter of a lone missionary?

    She closed her confession by saying, 'You see, I may well speak of dreariness.'

    I cannot hope to make you understand how the dreariness of the place struck me, and what a chill it set upon my heart.

    "I've changed my mind," she said, dreariness still in her voice.

    With a sinking heart, too, she realized something else: the dreariness of her own future now without Pollyanna.

    So, she went through the inferno of days and nights in a dreariness of suffering that was deadly.

    Life at the Dale Street flat had settled into a monotony of discontent and dreariness.

    Do you suppose I do not understand the dreariness it has been for you?

    Nothing could exceed in dreariness the appearance of the tracks through which we journeyed, on this and the two following days.

    She takes a fancy to the dreariness, and always carries the key with her.

Word Origin & History of - dreariness

    Word Origin & History

    dreary O.E. dreorig "sorrowful," originally "cruel, bloody," from dreor "gore, blood," from (ge)dreosan (pp. droren) "fall, decline, fail," from W.Gmc. *dreuzas (cf. O.N. dreyrigr "gory, bloody," and more remotely, Ger. traurig "sad, sorrowful"). The word has lost its original sense of "dripping blood." Sense of "dismal, gloomy" first recorded 1667 in "Paradise Lost," but O.E. had a related verb drysmian "become gloomy."

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